Sunday, June 29, 2014

Here I am.....under the umbrella of Redwood Writers.....Our booth at the Bilbliophoria Printing Festival, in Sebastopol at the Center for the Arts on Saturday, June 28th.........a truly lovely exhibit of book arts......
I hope soon to begin creating my own Poetry Chap books with my poems and my photographs.......Redwood Writers is an organization that honors you as a writer.......and supports your efforts and ideas.  Sometimes writers......creative ones......need that added poke to produce!!  Summer and gardening for food can be a major distraction...As the fall and winter months meet us head on, it then becomes a more condusive time to retreat and stay inside....taking more time for my writing projects.

In the current moment I am slightly obsessed with zucchinis......Here is my latest poem:

Zuke Soup

Shiny green skinned cylinder,
spermed from lush golden yellow petals.
Female blossom unfurls.
Male blossom births the edible shoot,
shaded under broad tropical stalks and leaves.
Tis not a shy producing squash.
It dominates with a presence
so proud and prolific,
twisted off the vine,
brought into the kitchen
to be sliced, diced, sauteed
with olive oil and soy sauce,
dipped in egg and seasoned bread crumbs,
creamed into zuke soup
with red onion and ginger spice,
concocted to satisfy my hunger,
a culinary reward for weeks spent
intensely watching my zucchini grow.
Praises for my Italian grandma Maria,
whose earthbound passion taught me to know.

Nina Tepedino
First Day of Summer, 2014

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