Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Prayer of Urgency to Stop Monsanto

This photo was taken a couple of years ago.  This year the mustard did not bloom.  This memory helps me to feel hopeful and so grateful that we have had some very nice rain.........

For my morning write today, I was still tossing around in my brain....the terrifying news of the loss of the monarch migration numbers......with startling statistics.that were released just yesterday, even on USA Today online news which began to form into a liturgical prayer form, that has always, for me, been the most powerful moment in the liturgy, when collectively we listen to the prayer and we respond out loud....."HEAR OUR PRAYER!
WE PRAY..............

For the monarch butterfly migration and its increase;
For the milkweed to flourish again;
For the farmers to follow the Light of ecologists and earth savers;
For more Percy and Louise Schmizers;
For more collective out cries of dissent and disgust;
For the demise of powerful monopolies who rape and kill living species.....animal and human;
For those leaders and countries and US states, who have put bans on GMOs into place;
For our utmost care of the environment;
For the total ban on all pesticides and chemicals....especially ROUND UP;
For the restoration of the bee population;
For the waning of the cancer epidemic and healing for those who are ill;
For clean air and water;
For the Elder Wisdom Keepers;
For the words of activist poets who write to preserve the nature they so poetically describe and honor;
For those who gather in protest to inform us, educate us and protect us;
For those who refuse to give up the hope for change;
And for these intentions and our own personal pleas.........

We pray, meditate, shout out to the Goddess, the Gods of many faiths, to Yaweh, to Allah, to Buddha,
to Quan Yin, the angels and druids that travel among us, the Christ, the Lamas, the gurus, the nations and their leaders, the Pope and his bishops, priests, vicars, rabbis and to all people of sensibility and sanity

Please add your intentions.......your prayers.........your hopes..........