Thursday, November 14, 2013


NOVEMBER 14, 2013

MY POEM:  MIGRATION   has earned a Third Place prize in the NATIONAL AMATEUR POETRY
 COMPETITION sponsored by Eber & Wein Publishing........


Whale watchers are mammals, too.
We all nurse our young,
expelled from the womb in placenta blood,
nurtured by instinct,
filled with water,
the fluid of life.
The mammals who killed mammals to near extinction,
now searching for spout and breech
to fill the camera lens.
Do the whales watch us watch them?
Do their memories forgive our killing ways?
We gaze out to sea,
braced against the ocean wind
to face forward off the Bodega Cliff edges,
that hold the onlookers
for the annual mammalian migration.

Copyright 2011
Nina Tepedino

Be sure to see the Film:  Blackfish.......which chronicles the early capture of baby Orcas in Puget Sound
for the horrible crime and profit for the Sea Worlds of the world and how some of the original hunters have been asking for forgiveness and expressing great remorse for their actions.  They are now convinced that one of the most intelligent mammals of the sea have experienced great mistreatment, death and the loss of their young whale children with screaming cries of anguish and mourning witnessed by the hunters.  You can locate this documentary film on line.  It is being shown in some theaters, but is not available for live streaming from Netflix.  

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