Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September, 18, 2013

I would like to announce my new sole proprietor enterprise.......LOVEJOY  PRESS.  I will be publishing my own books for children and for my poetry.  I am currently working on a music book for young children:  "Never Too Tired For Singing"  with photos, text and notated songs, resources for the home and school setting.  

I am also creating four or five little books for children, ages 5 thru 10 that center on the character's activities and messages for helping to save our planet's  wildlife and habitats that threatened by climate change and global warming.  So, I will keep in touch with all the latest developments as they happen. 

Happy writing!!


  1. Good luck, Nina. I'm on a similar path. I am a poet, and I have written and am trying to publish a couple children's books. I haven't met you face to face but have seen you at Redwood meetings in the past. I live in Napa so mostly go to the new Napa branch of the CWC. Great little website. I'll follow along. Take care, Barbara

  2. Lovely blog site, Nina. You have so many great ideas and plans at work that I must congratulate you. I'll be watching for books for my second grade granddaughter, Allie!

  3. Am glad to see your blog up & running, Nina! Hope to see you soon.