Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The mockingbirds sing mating obligatos.
The honeysuckle is hoping for hummingbirds.
The sage shows off her velvet pungent leaves.
The bees have returned to the rosemary.
The comfrey sends up spiked shoots.
The lemon balm's root sprouts new branches.
The early alyssum fragrance reaches my nostrils.
The thyme and oregano resume their culinary purpose.
The miner's lettuce and chickweed dominate under foot.
The oxalis spreads its yellow carpet under the bare-black chestnut trees.
The first acacia begins its lustrous glow.
A lingering chill in the wind chases away the sun.
A high flying solitary white egret's wing span reflects the morning light mist.
My thoughts go to wondering about winter's end,
but my senses of sight, smell and sound tell me:
It's Spring, again!

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