Friday, October 19, 2012

Good Morning world!!
Yesterday I went to the Sonoma county museum to view the Mayan and Ofrenda  altars for Dias de los Muertos.  The artistry of marigolds,  harvest, and all the spirit icons, photos and messages were there before us.  It was only a journey of moments that transported me into the spirit world where families and famous people alike gather to communicate with us. 

I have an altar in my own home, where I place friends and family for their healing, their wants and needs to be manifested.  My latest manifestation, along with hard work and intense visioning, is my very first little book for children ages 3 to 10, to share with their families and teachers.  I plan to make a formal announcement of the book here on my blog. 

The title of this book is: IF  YOU  LIVED  IN  SAM'S  NECK

This coming week I travel to the setting for this book....where it all happened in the early seventies and involves the melting together of two families.  One family with a history of homesteading on their land since the mid 1800s  and this new family, who have purchased forty acres next door to them.  The lady in the local bank called us the creative hippies, but I am sure the family on the ranch next door had other concerns regarding our residency,until I substituted in the town school in their daughter's second grade for nine weeks.  This lovely indigo child embraced me with incredible elation and school bused home to her valley, shouting in the kitchen...." my new wonderful teacher lives next door!"  Well, that became a new chapte in our lives and it became a lttle book forty yeare later. 

Watch for the announcement coming soon. 

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